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Synergic MIG Welders

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• Inverter-style wire feed synergic double-pulse MIG welder with standard aluminum torch
• Pulse and double-pulse settings for increased heat control with thin materials and improved overall weld appearance
• Easy-to-read LCD display panel and a single knob for selection and adjustments
• Multiple synergic curves allow the user to weld a variety of materials and thicknesses
• Preset synergic curves automatically provide the most optimal parameters for individual situations
• Individual welding parameters and preset by material, thickness, wire type and size along with shielding gas type
• LCD screen shows welding parameters such as current, voltage, recommended thickness, wire speed and wire diameter
• Machine automatically sets both heat and wire speed for multiple material thicknesses
• Welds 5354, 4047 and 0.045 5554 aluminum with standard 10 foot torch
• MIG welding of steel, stainless steel and MIG brazing of high-strength and Boron steels with optional steel torch
• Selectable start mode includes a trigger control for Start Current, Slope Time and Crater Fill options
• Hot start option increases current at the beginning of the weld cycle to ensure adequate penetration
• Slope time adjustment controls the amount of time full current is present between Hot Start and Crater Fill options
• Crater fill selection allows user to finish the weld cycle by filling in the weld puddle and eliminates pinholes
• Adjustable Arc Length, Inductance, Burnback, Soft Start, Pre Gas and Post Gas
• Spot weld and pause features with adjustable on time
• Complete with regulator-flowmeter
• Faster set up time and reduced production times
• Comes standard with aluminum torch
• Library of preprogrammed settings allows for welding a variety of materials and thicknesses
• Inverter-style wire feed welders automatically provide the user with the most optimal parameters for every situation
• Automatically sets voltage, current and wire speed for multiple material thicknesses
Machine Weight, lb
Depth, inches
Shipping Weight, lb
Power Input, V AC
Power Input Cord Length, feet
Width, inches
Country Of Origin
Standard Torch Configuration
Duty Cycle/Rated Output, amps
Ground Cable Length, feet
Height, inches
Shipping Weight, lb
Power Output, amps
Input Current, amps
Power Input, Hz (Single Phase)
120 @ 100%
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