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Where is the plug?

230 Vac machines do not come with a plug because there are numerous different outlet shapes.

For best performance, do NOT use a plug adapter or extension cord.

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What does synergic mean?

Synergic welders actively adjust heat and wire speed settings as you weld, essentially working in synergy with you.

Simply input your wire type, gas, and material thickness and the welder will adjust as you weld.

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Why are consumables so important?

Consumables are the front line soldiers between your machine and your work piece. They are subject to extreme heat and wear.

We recommend always having spares and inspecting often!

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What's the difference between cut and sever?

For plasma cutters, cut refers to the thickness of metal that the machine is designed to cut through cleanly in a single pass.

Sever is the maximum thickness the cutter can cut when equip with fresh consumables.

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