Systematics, Inc. 100% Constant Welding

Troubleshooting Tips

Intermittent torch trigger at machine
If you move your mig torch into a certain position and everything stops, this video will demonstrate how to adjust the trigger connection where the torch meets the machine.

Wiring your welder to 220 V
This video will explain how to identify which prongs on the 220V plug are hot legs, which one is ground and what wire colors from the welder power input cord hook up to each.

Adjusting the setscrew on the trigger lever for proper operation
When repairing the trigger area on your mig gun, or if you turn the machine on and everything is "on" (ex. wire feeding, gas flowing, voltage on meter) without pulling the trigger lever, this video will show how to use the setscrew on the trigger lever to adjust properly.

Liner replacement
Liners are a consumable item the same as your tip, nozzle etc. Eventually you will need to replace it. This video discusses how to check a suspected worn liner and the procedure for replacing one.

Plasma 30i consumables
The plasma cutting process takes its toll on the pieces at the tip of the torch. Diminished cutting capacity, arc interuption and difficult arc starting are symtoms of worn consumables. This video identifies the consumable pieces in the torch head of the plasma 30i and proper replacement.

Wire speed calibration procedure
If you find that your wire feed is fast always even at the lower settings, or you have no feed until you reach a particular speed setting, you may need to calibrate the feed adjustment circuit. This vdeo demonstrates how to calibrate the wire feed speed to achieve the proper range of wire feed speed adjustability.

Checking diodes
If your welder is tripping service panel breakers when you go to weld, or you feel like you have to set your voltage to "7" to achieve the same penetration as what used to be setting "3", you may have shorted or open diodes inside your machine. This video will show you where these are located and the proper way to check them with a digital multi-meter.